Avatar Squad

A 999 piece custom avatars collection is joining the NFT Space on Opensea.

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What is


IsmToys is a turnkey solution to your physical needs from 1:1 phygital designer toys, special edition toy runs of 10,000+, and marketing needs.

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The Process

1. Prototype

  • We work with you to design a prototype that suits the quirks of your community with a limited edition toy or plushy! We can create a prototype just from a sketch.

2. Upgrade Selection

  • We then select the upgrades and rewards of certain sales goals for when 250 pre-orders are made 5% of all ordered toys will become a blue colorwave.

3. Launch

  • We then conduct a pre-order while you market the launch. We'll provide you with promotional material to help with the marketing.

4. Production

  • Once a pre-orders ends we'll begin production. Expect 1-2 months for plushies and 2-3 months for toys to be made at the highest of standards.

5. Shipping

  • Post-Production the products get shipped straight to the customers door. Shipping takes 3-5 business days for the US/Canada and 5-7 business days for international.
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Why Launch your
own toy crusade?

Launch a crusade by creating custom high-quality merch that also invigorates your community! Through tech chips attached to your custom product, fans can scan the chips to earn points while unlocking your community's full potential!

IsmToys will design, sell, produce, and ship custom creations to you and your community.

"Together we create custom products with IsmToys covering A-Z so you can focus on creating content."

    1. Upgrades/Community Incentives

    • Incentivizing sales by offering upgrades when certain sales goals are achieved. For example when 250 plushies are purchased the plushy is upgraded from 6" tall to 7".

    2. Limited Edition & Rarities

    • All of our toys are limited edition that will never be reproduced again. We also offer different rarities to create an exciting experience for buyers to get a rare variant. Similar to opening a Pokémon pack or a present on Christmas.

    3. Innovative & Creative Tech

    • With our integrated NFC chips you'll be able to create an interactive experience that's both physical and digital. While also acting as a certificate of authenticity.

    4. Revenue Stream

    • Create a new revenue stream to keep your community funded or to create more content. Through IsmToys you'll avoid resorting to the same clothing based merchandise as everyone else.
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    Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 120+ unique traits across different categories. There are only 13 legendary NFTs available for grabs.

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