IsmToys is Web 3.0 Agency and producer of

Phygital Designer toys

IsmToys is a turnkey solution to your physical needs from 1:1 phygital designer toys, special edition toy runs of 10,000+, and marketing needs. We've also launched and sold out 2 NFT projects along with working with several others to achieve their Web 3 goals!

Step 1 - Needs Analysis

Our first step is to Our first step is to understand what are the objectives of your project. Our services can range from adding a unique utility for your community, new revenue streams via our Phygitals (Physicals + NFC Chips), a marketing strategy to enter the Web3 space, or a variety of other things.

Step 2 - Execution Plan

Once we Once we understand your specific needs, the team at ISMTOYS will help craft a solution that best suits your needs. This will include a short-term and long-term approach.

Step 3 - Prototyping

The nexThe next stage is the creation of 3-4 prototypes. These prototypes will help us understand the intricacies of your project while we document every step of this process. Time-lapse painting videos and 3D model sneak peeks are strategies we can deploy to increase FOMO.

Step 4 - Mass Production

Part of your tailored solution may include the mass production of toys. At this stage ISMTOYS would implement our gamification distribution process to build a greater sense of demand with a web 3.0 flare.

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